sai baba answer 5

shirdi sai baba answers 5:

If you suffering with disease from a long time, the your disease will treat soon. Think about Sai baba and help other as much you can.

Do this for fast reliefs from your problem:

It is difficult to make other happy, but it is not impossible. You a can make some effort to do this. Sai baba says that you will always see him in their smiles.

There are 3 ways to make other happy:

1. Be soft spoken person . try to speak with heart with your dear one. If he did any mistake, instead of scolding them, you should tell  them about their mistake and try to help them to solve it. They will feel happy for your this favor and your relationship will become more stronger.

2. Try to keep affection and love for people in your heart. This will bring good action for others in your life. Hate is like a black poison that destroy to every person life. jai shirdi sai baba.

3. Give small gift to small children. When they feel happy, see me in their smile.

you can ask sai baba any question by commenting below, then you will get sai baba answers as soon as possible. om sai ram.

shirdi sai answers in hindi 5:

Agar app kaafi time se kisi bimari se paresan hai. Toh jald hi apko ussse chutkaraa milegaa. Sai baba ke bare me soche orh dusro ki jitbi help kar sakte hai karo.

Kya kare:
Dusre insaan ko khush karna muskil hai. But koi bhi kaam namumkin nhi hota.. App unhe khush karne ki koshis Kare orh unkii khusii me Sai baba ko dhunde.

Dusre insaan ko khush karne me 3 tarike hote hai:

1.Pyar se baat kare..dil se soch samaj kat baat karne wale insaan bane. Apne sagi smbandio se narmi se baat kare. Agar unse koi galtii ho jaye toh unhe pyar se samjaye. Gussa na kare balki unki problem ko solve karne me unkii madad kare. Ase karne se apka unke sath relation orh jyada acha ho jayegaa.

2. apne dil me logo ke liye pyar orh sneh rakhe. isse appko unhi help karne me madad milegi. kisi se ghirda karna uss jehar ke saman hai jisse har kisi ko nukshaan hi pachuchta hai.

3. chote bahho ki gift kare. jab wo kush hote hai toh app unki muskan me muje dhund sakte hai. om sai ram.

jai shirdi sai baba ,ant me me yehi kehna jachunag. jo log duro ki madad karte hai. bagwan bhi unki hi madad karta hai. app durse inssan ko apni family me orh bahar khus rakhen ke koshish kare. isse apki ek positive image bankar samne ayegi. app orh apka ye snehe hi logo ko apke prati jode rakhega.

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3 thoughts on “sai baba answer 5”

  1. Sai I become fed up with my life .Every place I defeats ,every work is done with so much hurdles.
    Every person Cheats me .I am having so many disease which are incurable.

    I want to earn money for my family as i don’t have so much charm towards it .I want to make my family financially secure as I don’t know what will happen to me but I don’t able to earn the profit on investing the money.
    Should I stop investing the money .

    Please give your blessing and take out me from this situation.

    Thanks & Regards
    Deepak Aggarwal.

  2. pranam baba…baba meri joli kb baregi..3 saal ho gye…magr koi khushi nhe hai zindagi mai…meri joli mai bacha de do sai….kripa kro baba

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