Sap full form and sap erp mean

sap stands for Systems Applications Products in data processing. Erp full form is enterprise resource planing. It mean erp means planning of enterprise resources.

For example: if a talk about a  simple company structure. there will be a organisation. Resources are manpower, machinery, money and marketing.  Here in sap erp system, we  will do planning for these resources ( manpower, money etc)

Sap is one of the best software for managing all the company resources at one place.

Advantages of sap software:

1. The main advantages of sap software is that there is no need of other software, if an organization have installed it.

For example: if a company is maintaining its books of accounts in tally software. On the other hand, if hr want to maintain his work in tally, this facility is not available in talky. That is why company have to purchase other software for fulling the requirement of hr work. In this condition, if there is SAP software is installed , then there was no need to buy other software. Because SAP software can manage the hr work easily.

2. Integration with all department work at global level :

It is one of the best feature if sap software which is that you can integrate  sap with other department work at global level.

Fir example: in the absence of sap, if there is any complain of customer about receiving less quantity of goods. In this case, there may be long process of resolving this issue. Firstly, this complain will go to customer care executive, then it will transfered to account executive to check whether it has any kind of  numeric error. Then account executive will transfered this to production department. I mean it will take so much time for solving this complain.

But if there is sap software is installed in organisation, then this complaint can be resolved directly by production department. Because the work of all the department are so well integrated that it will take less time in comparison of non sap installed company.

As you know, every good thinks comes with some pitfalls. It is also correct in the case of sap erp software. One of the main disadvantages of this software is that it is so costly. Any small company cannot afford this. If you want to get installed this software in your company, then you have to invest so much money. Even, you have to train your existing employee for working on sap software.

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